Genomics is the field of application based on reading the entire DNA blueprint of an organism (the Genome), and using this information for a broad range of purposes, ranging from the most basic of identification, to predicting or controlling outcomes as the organism interacts with its environment, in addition to modifying the DNA blueprint itself to achieve desired ends. Genomics has valuable applications across the entire spectrum of life, from humans, to animals, to plants and micro organisms.

In Healthcare in particular, the following are the major application areas:

  • Recessive/Severe inherited genetics disease
  • Common genetic disease


Genome sequencing is the key factor to address these applications. Our genome sequencing facilities includes several sequencing labs distributed all over the kingdom. Each of these labs is equipped with:

  • Several Proton sequencing machines for high throughput sequencing, including:

o   Exome sequencing

o   Whole genome sequencing

  • PGM sequencing machines for targeted genome sequencing.
  • Related PCR and DNA processing equipment.
  • Other genotyping facilities based on DNA arrays

 The resulting data from all labs are collected and analyzed in a coordinated fashion.